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Apply for help Exam information Summary, announcements,
Outline, position, policy, grade, interview,
Employment announcements, etc.
Application guide for beginners, interpretation of announcement outline, job analysis, registration data analysis, registration guidance, job function introduction, summary of the past years The exam calendar provides a schedule of civil servant exams,
Examination timetable for public institutions, examination timetable for police and political police, etc.
Job search system National and local civil service examinations Application Guide, Application Help, Policy Answers Apply for online photo adjustmentsEasily adjust the size of your registered photos online
Face-to-face training Online payment center pays various payments through online banking, bank transfer, cash payment, etc.
Various forms of payment methods, safe and convenient
Register for courses and choose supermarkets, choose freely, and register yourself
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China Public Network School China Public Network School Public Examination Distance Learning Network Online learning platform dictates learning time and arranges learning progress freely Mass experience courses, multiple course packages are easy to choose, targeted counseling, and check for gaps
Free online free civil service exam video tutorials Help center provides excellent service to students
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Book materials Buy the Chinese version of books online at the Bookstore Book Value-added Service Book genuine verification Genuine books enjoy value-added services
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Preparation information Examination questions for public office examination Examination preparation information for civil servants Exam preparation information for civil servants Exam preparation videos
Public examination encyclopedia illustrated public examination dynamics, allowing you to absorb massive knowledge at a glance
Learning system Application for the correction system Online question and answer system public examination questions, you ask me to answer Online exam system special exercises, exam contests, wrong question bank, etc.
Online assessment system Member system new platform new quality heart service
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Interaction Civil Servants Forum Examination Exchange Platform 19 lessons at 19 o'clock every night, listen to live public lectures online Public Education Blog Group
WeChat provides public test information daily, and the public test work together! Weibo, micro public, let's hear your voice
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