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Daily Current Affairs News Broadcast (December 26)

2019-12-26 10:03:58 | Source: People's Daily WeChat public account

Introduction: The CCP Current Affairs Politics Channel updates domestic and international current affairs political hotspots, and provides current affairs political hotspots, current political simulation questions, current affairs memorabilia and summary of current affairs political hotspots. Today we pay attention to-the daily current affairs news broadcast (December 26).

Summary of Daily Current Affairs News Broadcasts

Highlights review:

The State Council and the State Council have issued opinions to comprehensively remove restrictions on the settlement of cities with a permanent population of less than 3 million in urban areas, and relax the settlement conditions of large cities with a permanent population of 3 to 5 million in urban areas.

The Supreme Law notified that the cross-domain case filing service has been fully implemented since the 25th, and the masses can get the same quality of case filing services as the competent courts in any middle-level court.

From late December 2019 to mid-January 2020, the 15 central inspection teams will carry out "look back" on all 13 central and western provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities and 13 central units inspecting the central poverty alleviation campaign.

The Security Council of the State Council held an interview with the Guizhou Provincial Government on the 25th and pointed out that Guizhou's coal mine deaths have ranked first in the country for two consecutive years, and targeted measures should be taken to effectively resolve them.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction and other six departments issued opinions on rectifying and regulating the order of the housing leasing market, requiring real estate agencies to not earn the difference in housing rental.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that it plans to identify 22 tourist attractions, including Beijing's Yuanmingyuan Scenic Area and Inner Mongolia Alxa League Huyanglin Tourist Area, as national 5A-level tourist attractions.

On the 25th, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center successfully organized the first commercial suborbital launch vehicle of "Exploration One · China Science and Technology City Star".

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council responded on the 25th to the DPP ’s push for the “Reverse Penetration Law”, saying that the DPP authorities have pushed for bad laws, restricted cross-strait exchanges and exchanges, harmed the interests of Taiwan compatriots, and will eventually suffer bad results.

Media reports said two Chinese citizens died in a fire in Russia on the 25th. The Chinese Consulate General in Irkutsk verified with the Russian side that no Chinese citizens were among the casualties.

Russian President Putin said on the 24th that it is necessary to monitor the United States' deployment of short- and medium-range missiles around the world.

Social Focus:

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning of typhoons. Affected by typhoon "Baboon" No. 29 this year, there will be 6-7 gales in most areas of the South China Sea.

The dealer's real name reported that the alcoholic wine added cyclamate, which aroused attention. Hunan Xiangxi State Market Supervision Bureau on the 25th counted and supervised the seizure of all 48,756 bottles of old wine in the reporter's warehouse.

A developer in Xi'an did a fake certificate to build and sell 341 suites, and the owner failed to obtain a real property certificate for 9 years. The local responded that the police and the Discipline Inspection Commission had intervened.

On the 24th, Dr. Yang Wen of the Civil Aviation General Hospital was severely injured by the patient's family members, and the rescue died. The Chinese Medical Doctors Association said that using condemnation could no longer express anger.

Guangzhou Panyu Bridge Toll Station hangs a banner that says "non-ETC vehicles do not enjoy free traffic on festivals", causing controversy. The companies involved responded that the banner had been removed and the free policy was not affected by the installation of ETC.

On the 25th, the Danyang City Procuratorate of Jiangsu filed a public prosecution for the case of forced indecent and child molestation of the head coach of the Jiangsu Women's Football Youth Team Chen Guanghong.

A Chongqing man, Li, fell from an apartment building on the 24th and hit two pedestrians. The three died after being rescued. The police reported that it was the cause of Li's suicide by jumping off the building and excluding criminal cases.

On the 23rd, a pregnant woman in Luzhou, Anhui needed to be urgently transferred to Hefei for production, which was blocked by heavy fog. The traffic police from the three places relayed the escort. After 9 hours and 300 kilometers, the pregnant woman successfully gave birth to a baby boy.

Mr. Ye and 5 others accidentally fell into a pond while driving to Xujia Village, Jinhua, Zhejiang, trapped inside the car. Auxiliary police officer Fu Jinhua smashed the window with a hammer and jumped into the cold water to rescue five people.

Former retired cadre of Nanjing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 97-year-old Zhang Lihua died on the 23rd. She gave up her life savings to set up a scholarship during her lifetime, and donated nearly 400,000 yuan in 17 years. She still lives in a humble family building.

Local policies:

Guangdong issued a notice that personal injury occurred after January 1, 2020, regardless of whether it is a rural resident or not, the compensation shall be calculated in accordance with the urban resident standard in a civil lawsuit.

Liaoning issued the "Decision on the Construction of a Integrity Government", which clearly states that government procurement must be open and transparent in accordance with the law, and no breach of contract in the payment of project funds is allowed.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province has promulgated regulations on home care services for the elderly, and proposed measures such as granting old age allowances to elderly people over 80 years of age, and exploring the establishment of a child care leave system.

Lanzhou, Gansu, has passed regulations on air pollution prevention and control, requiring that counties (districts) delineate grids in accordance with their jurisdictions or regulatory scopes, and managers establish a grid-based supervisory ledger to report in a timely manner.

Life Tips:

Today's weather: There are light to moderate snow or sleet in parts of the northern mountainous areas of Xinjiang, southeast Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, eastern and northern Tibet, eastern Sichuan plateau, most of Shandong, northern Anhui, and northwestern Guizhou. There were light to moderate rain in parts of the southeast of Tibet, the southwest of the mountains, the east of the Jianghuai region, the majority of the south of the Jiangnan region, the east of the southwestern region, the north of South China, and the west.

Spring Festival transport: On the 26th, the National Railways will sell tickets for New Year's Eve through Internet and telephone booking.

Hunan: National 4A-level tourist scenic spot Hunan Forest Botanical Garden will open for free from January 1, 2020.

Astrology: Beginning at 10:29:50 on the 26th, Tianyu will stage a solar eclipse, and a partial eclipse can be observed throughout China.

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