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Xi Jinping's "golden sentence" of the year: I will be without me and live up to the people

2019-12-27 11:12:29 | Source: Xinhuanet

Introduction : The CCP Current Affairs Politics Channel updates domestic and international current affairs political hotspots, and provides current affairs political hotspots, current political simulation questions, current affairs memorabilia and summary of current affairs political hotspots. Today we pay attention-- Xi Jinping's annual "golden sentence": I will be without me and live up to the people

Reporter Wang Zihui

[During the study] In 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping uttered many "golden sentences" containing the power of truth, ideological power, wisdom power, and personality power on different occasions. It hit people's hearts and was unforgettable. Xinhua News Agency's original brand column "Study Hall" looks back to the whole year through "golden sentences" and tastes with you.

Taking inventory of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Golden Sentences" for 2019, "I will be without me, and live up to the people" is very eye-catching.

Xi Jinping said this during a state visit to Italy in March. At that time, the Italian Speaker of the House of Representatives Fico asked Xi Jinping what he felt when he was elected President of China. Xi Jinping replied that such a large country has very heavy responsibilities and very difficult work. I will be without me and live up to the people. I am willing to be a "selfless" state and dedicate myself to the development of China.

Xi Jinping's remarks opened a new realm for us.

What is "no self"? Along the way, Xi Jinping's words and deeds have made vivid interpretations. Because of this, this sentence was able to sweep the Internet and spread it at home and abroad, touching countless people and shocking them, becoming the annual “golden sentence” generally accepted by everyone.

"No self" is "selfless" and "forget me".

It is the most common state of Xi Jinping to work in the public and ecstasy all night, and the most true portrayal of his governance and the state of duty is his constant service.

In 2019, he went abroad 7 times, crossed 3 continents, reached 12 countries, attended 5 important international conferences, and hosted 4 grand multilateral diplomatic activities in the country. He met with foreign dignitaries and delegations hundreds of times. .

In 2019, he went to 9 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities to investigate and investigate, inspected the Macao Special Administrative Region, and traveled from east to west, north, south, and south of the motherland. During the inspection, he also hosted 4 cross-provincial forums.

In 2019, he presided over and attended a series of important meetings on many occasions, setting the direction and leading the helm for national development. He is in charge of the Central Deep-Reform Reform Commission, the Central Finance and Economic Commission and other committees, which are operating efficiently.


Throughout the year, more than 500 Xi Jinping's important events have been reported publicly, and there have been nearly 30 weeks of public reports over the weekend of the year. In addition to such frequent meetings, Xi Jinping has to review a large number of important documents. For major reform plans, he has to revise every manuscript by hand. The instructions submitted to him, no matter how late, he could receive his instructions the next morning.

People still remember clearly in February 2014, when Xi Jinping gave an interview with Russian TV station, he expressed his feelings about "where is the time?" With such high-intensity work, it is almost impossible to have your own time. But Xi Jinping always emphasized that it was the people "put me on such a job" and "responsibility is more important than Taishan"! He once quoted Zhu Geliang's "Teaching Table" to express his feelings: "Since being appointed, I have been sorrowful all night and fear to entrust Ineffective. "

Carrying the trust and trust of the people, for 7 years like a day, Xi Jinping is tireless and dedicated. He is both a leader and a struggler.

He said that a weightlifter can only lift a 50 kg barbell at first, and after training, he can lift 250 kg. I believe that through my efforts and through the concerted efforts of more than 1.3 billion people across China, we can shoulder this burden and build our country. I have this confidence, and the Chinese people have this confidence. This is a heroic declaration of communists who are willing to "selflessly" and dedication.

"No self" is "fearless" and it is "give me".

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is by no means easy to achieve by simply playing drums and drums. The test of the risks we face on the way forward will only become more and more complicated, and we will even encounter unimaginable rough seas. Xi Jinping often warns people like this.

At present, the complexity, sensitivity, and arduousness of reform are more prominent. The situation of the anti-corruption struggle is still grim and complex. The three major battles have made key progress but there are still weak links. The risks and uncertainties of the world economic operation have risen significantly ... Big nations face various challenges and struggles in various fields every day. You must have the courage and courage of "no self" in order to meet the storm and go forward.

"When the party and the people need us to dedicate ourselves, we must not hesitate to step forward and set aside personal lives and deaths. We can't do it. Who should we do it?"

"The people hand over power to us, and we must honor the party and the country, report to the party, and do what we have to do, and offend those who deserve to offend."

"Don't forget your original intention and keep your mission in mind, don't forget that we are Communists, we are revolutionaries, and don't lose the revolutionary spirit."


Such sentences abound in Xi Jinping's speech. Without his determination, many major decisions will be difficult to come by.

It is unswerving in matters of major importance and detriment to the future and destiny of socialism with Chinese characteristics, dare to confront challenges in the work of reform, development, and stability, dare to take action in the strict administration of the party, and dare to oppose each other in safeguarding the core interests of the country. The Communists resolutely "selfless" and have the courageous spirit to take on the mission.

"No self" is "deserved" and "real self".

Our Republic is the People's Republic of China, the people are the solid foundation of the Republic, and the people are the greatest source of our governing power.

The Communist Party of China comes from the people, all staff of state organs, no matter how high their posts are, the rights are given by the people. "I will be without me", in the end, "to live up to the people." Only as a people's serviceman, accepting people's supervision, must always put the people in the highest position in their hearts, always serve the people wholeheartedly, and always work hard for the people's interests and happiness, can they be worthy of the people's trust and trust.

Ji Haoye also prayed, Jie Lie Amu, Zhao Shunli, Chen Yufang, Lu Yihe ... In Xi Jinping's 2019 New Year's message, a series of ordinary people's names appeared. The hard-working brother, the sanitation worker, the taxi driver and the tens of millions of workers all deeply concerned him.

In Xi Jinping's mind, "I will be without me" means that everyone is in his heart, and "being the people" is to benefit everyone.

When the "self" is fully integrated into the "big ego", so that the "self" of the people is worthy, Fang is the "real self" of the Communists.

"I will be without me, and I will live up to the people." Having both iron will and chivalrous spirits, this is the life outlook and values that a Communist should have, and it is a lofty realm that we will always pursue.

Source of information: http://www.xinhuanet.com/politics/xxjxs/2019-12/26/c_1125388990.htm

Author: Xinhua

Original Title: Xi Jinping's "Golden Sentence" of the Year: I Will Be Selfless

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