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Current political hotspots: cure "garbage siege", these big moves may be made in 2020
In 2017, China's 202 large and medium-sized cities produced 200 million tons of domestic waste and continued to grow year-on-year; general industrial solid waste generated 1.3 billion tons; industrial hazardous waste generated 40.10 million tons ... Has become one of the most stressed countries in the world for waste management

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Current affairs hotspot: This year, we have harvested hope
In the past year, various localities have set up ecological public welfare posts, which enabled some poor people to rely on landscape and employment to get rid of poverty at their doorsteps; this year, while protecting the ecology and performing their duties, their lives have also quietly changed

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Current political hotspot: snow and ice sports are on fire
Since the beginning of winter, from Yanshan and Taihang to the shores of the Bohai Sea, ice and snow sports have been in full swing in Yanzhao. This year, Hebei has promoted ice and snow sports in various parts of the province, and has grasped the three key links of "who goes to ski", "who to teach" and "where to go".

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Current political hotspots: Where should the old batteries of new energy vehicles go?
New energy vehicles have alleviated the pressure of automobile exhaust on air quality. However, if the batteries of new energy vehicles are not "decommissioned" properly, they may cause new pollution.

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Current political hotspot: Ministry of Water Resources issues industrial water quota to reduce waste water discharge
The Ministry of Water Resources has issued 18 industrial water quotas for iron and steel, thermal power generation, petroleum refining, and coal preparation. It has set bound boundaries for water consumption in high water-consuming industries, forcing them to increase water efficiency and reduce waste water discharge.

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Hot Topics in Current Politics: Use the Effectiveness of the Work on Agriculture, Rural Areas, Farmers
From December 20th to 21st, the Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing. It analyzed the current situation and tasks of the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", and researched and deployed the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in 2020 in order to build a well-off society and win the battle against poverty.

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Current political hotspots: in the science sky, there is his light
Li Dewei used to take his own path in scientific research, and now he has been succeeded. Behind him, one by one, exploring the scientific starry sky, determined to serve the country, no longer lonely, no longer lonely

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Current political hotspots: combating foreign smuggling
At 6 o'clock on December 18, the third round of the special campaign of the Customs to combat the smuggling of foreign garbage in the "Blue Sky 2019" was officially launched. This is the third round of centralized seizure of foreign garbage smuggling operations carried out by the General Administration of Customs this year following five consecutive rounds of high-density, cluster-type, and full-chain centralized strikes last year.

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Current political hotspots: "Toilet revolution" requires everyone to participate
Social governance requires co-construction, co-governance and sharing, and creating a good public toilet environment requires the active participation of everyone

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Current political hotspots: South-to-North Water Diversion, a contemporary masterpiece of ecological civilization
The second large-scale snowfall this winter eased people's concerns about winter drought in Beijing and even North China, and fully realized the important supporting role of water resources in economic and social development.

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